Do you want to enjoy your days with peace of mind, feeling safe on your own? Whatever your circumstances are, the tailored Lifeline System allows you to live independently in your own home, knowing that you can always get help when needed.

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How does the alarm system work?

If you fall down or feel very unwell, you can simply press the pendant button and the Lifeline Unit will call through to the monitoring centre. You are able to have a 2-way conversation with an experienced operator through the built-in microphone and speaker on the unit. From this, they will decide on the most appropriate action to take from basic advice to contacting family, friends, carers, Wellbeing Response Service* or the emergency services.

*extra charges apply




What equipment is available?


A lightweight pendant is supplied with the basic package. This can be worn round your neck or on your wrist. The pendant works anywhere in an average-sized house or garden within 200m from the Lifeline Unit. Pendant is shower-proof but cannot be submerged in water.

Falls Detector

The Falls Detector will automatically call for help if a fall is detected. Like the pendant, this can be worn round your neck or wrist. It is fully waterproof so can be worn at all times.

Key Safe

A key safe can be fitted to an outside wall at your home to enable family, friends, neighbours or emergency services to gain access if needed. It is opened using a number code. The key safes we fit are Police Accredited 'as secure as your front door'.

A variety of other equipment is available that will automatically alert the monitoring centre when activated, ensuring that appropriate assistance is given promptly, i.e. Smoke Detectors, CO Detectors, and many more.

How much does the service cost?

This service is available from as little as £4.08 per week for a basic package. This includes free installation, removals, repairs and maintenance.

How do I apply?

Please complete the lifeline application form. (PDF) [128KB] (opens new window)

There are no eligibility criteria for the service; the service can be particularly beneficial for anyone who feels vulnerable and just requires that extra reassurance that the Lifeline System can offer.

The only requirement is that a working outgoing phone line is within a metre of a spare electricity socket.

For more details, please call 01507 601111 or email

Keep safe. Trust Lifeline.