Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department is responsible for a range of centralised support functions, including Health & Safety, Internal Communications, Branding and Marketing, Performance and Assurance, Compliance, and Transformation.

Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety experts support more than a thousand employees and their respective services across the Company and our client councils.

Our team all hold Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) accredited qualifications, and they have overall responsibility for implementing and monitoring the Health and Safety Framework for the Councils and for PSPS. This includes ensuring that a suitable and legally compliant framework is in place and that it is followed correctly by employees. We write policies, procedures and guidance for staff, we provide in-house training, and we complete audits and inspections to help ensure compliance.

Protecting staff and customers is our number one objective and passion, closely followed by our responsibilities in protecting the organisations we provide Health and Safety services for.

Corporate Support

Our Corporate Support Team help to make sure our business administration is effective and legally compliant, as well as delivering on key communications and employee engagement work.

Through a programme of communications, branding and marketing work the Corporate Support Team has a responsibility for providing informative and timely communications to our workforce, for facilitating channels for two-way engagement, and for showcasing our fantastic company brand through social media and web channels. 

With the delivery of outstanding performance forming a cornerstone of the company's mission, effective key performance indicator (KPI) setting, performance reporting and informative data analysis all help ensure a performance and service delivery focused culture is prevalent. Levels of assurance are managed through a well-planned audit programme.

Our Head of Corporate Services is the company's Data Protection Officer (DPO), with a responsibility for ensuring that PSPS is compliant with information governance related legislation and responsibilities.

We are committed to innovating and transforming how we deliver services to our stakeholder councils and their residents, to ensure we are very best at what we do. Our Corporate Support Team provide the resources and skills to support the many projects and changes being implemented by PSPS.

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