A Full Range of Professional and Operational Financial Services

Our team of qualified accountants and experienced finance professionals support our public sector clients with a broad range of financial services.

We support budget holders to effectively manage their services' budgets and spending. We provide professional guidance and strategic advice to help our clients deliver greater levels of financial efficiencies and value for money. Our advice and financial management covers financial capital investment planning, the closure of accounts and production of the statement of accounts, treasury and taxation management, financial performance management, budget setting, budget monitoring and a comprehensive range of financial reporting.

At an operational level our finance teams support a range of finance transactions including all methods of payments going out of the organisations and the allocation into the accounts of income being received. We manage the daily cash flows of our clients and their treasury management activities. 

Other financial services provided for our clients include insurance administration, VAT advice and returns to HMRC, statutory returns to the Government, support for Freedom of Information and press enquiries, and member and officer financial training,

Services relating to invoicing of external organisations, and any subsequent recovery of outstanding amounts, is covered by our Revenues Service (see Revenues and Benefits Service)